We are tarantina


Tarantino does not do damsel in distress - and neither do we! This show celebrates the very best of Tarantino girlpower. These heroines have slashed, kicked,  punched and seduced their way into our hearts and we are here to pay homage to them. Eat your hearts out all ya burlesque bootlickers, b film buffs and movement maniacs!

Monthly at


Belasco DTLA


Show Dates


jan 24 - Tarantina Premiere

Come see the very first rendition of Tarantina featuring some of LA’s most prominent movement talent. The historic Belasco Ballroom is hosting what we promise will be a wild and sweaty night!


TBA - Tarantina February

Stay tuned for dates, we’ll be back every month!

News + Updates

Wanna know a little more about us?


The Belasco

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles resides an unparalleled host of rediscovered historic theaters—and the Belasco Theater is LA’s newest “old” gem to be lovingly restored. Come be transported by both the show and the incredible venue it lives in!



Sara Haase is a local illustrator and painter who captures the alluring quality of female entertainers. We are so excited that she will be creating our custom show poster! Stay tuned!


Photos + Video

Matthew Boman, our token boy ally, shot and edited our beautiful trailer - thank you! Elena Kulikova is responsible for all of the beautiful glossy photos. Aesthetic and direction by Tosca Rivola.